Bogus Windows 7 Operating system

  moonraker50 10:02 04 Sep 2013

I recently purchased a desktop PC Windows 7, 16GB of DDR 3 RAM, cant operate windows 8 at all, so i bought a second user Windows 7 Machine. However the Operating system is a copy, ( not a Genuine Windows Disk) its Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit. I have no motherboard disk, nor any software disks, my printer wont work, and i cant locate any software or a driver for it, and I purchased 2 different Webcams, hoping to use Skype..plug and play, neither would work. I dont know my options, scrap it, or ring Microsoft up in London and maybe buy a genuine key to make this a Genuine copy of windows, any advice would be welcomed.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:22 04 Sep 2013

I am a tad confused.

You have bought two PC's or only one PC and you say that the operating system is a copy or something? What gives you that idea? As for the motherboard disks and driver disks for printers ETC these are easily enough to find. But first we must get your PC to work.

Do you have the Windows 7 COA number which should be on a sticker on your PC somewhere or you can find this out by using Belarc which will tell you the number.

Belarc will also tell you what motherboard you have and with that information we can find the driver download page.

Same with printer, post make and model we will link to the drivers.

The cameras should work once Windows 7 is sorted.

You can also download and burn to disk a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate from here.

  Forum Editor 07:50 07 Sep 2013

I am also confused.

You say "I recently purchased a desktop PC Windows 7" and go on to say that you can't operate Windows 8 at all. If the computer has Windows 7 installed, why are you mentioning Windows 8?

You then bought another, second hand computer with Windows 7 installed, but for some reason you think the operating system is a copy. Why do you think that?

If you can clarify the situation I'm sure we'll be able to sort this out for you.

  moonraker50 09:40 07 Sep 2013

The windows 7 Ultimate disk 32 bit i did receive a copy and i knew it was a copy because it had written on it with marker pen Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, i can only assume it was downloaded from a torrent site. I have no activation Key so after the 30 days things stated going wrong, i presume because it was set to automatic updates, and have been told by a friend if you download one single update file, that allows Microsoft to figure out its not a genuine copy of windows 7? My printer is a 3 in 1 Advent ( Kodak ) believe it to be pcworlds own brand, again no software disk and in device manager there is an error with the driver, but i presume the driver is on the software disk as i cant update the driver. Being totally baffled i would assume that with windows 7 ultimate being a fake ( or maybe its meant to run 63 bit) it may be a case that microsoft have somehow disabled the USB Ports. I'm at a loss as to try and get it repaired or strip it down for parts, 1TB HDDrive, 16GB DDR3 RAM AMD Processor that has i believe been overclocked...I wanted a quad core but on investigating the CPU is 3 core so it must be overclocked ( i didn't know AMD did a triple-core) obviously i must have been mistaken. I cant really afford a new PC, i just feel this is not running correctly? Thanks for your answers, i'm afraid i'm slightly thick when it comes to technology.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:29 07 Sep 2013

You can legitimately download a copy of Windows 7 so your copy might be just that.

It is the COA or Activation key/number that is important. You say you did not get one, have you contacted the seller of the PC as he should have provided a COA number.

Or you could use Belarc and that will list the number.

as I said earlier do not worry about the printer ETC these problems are easily sorted. getting your operating system running correctly is the priority,everything else will fall into place.

Any questions,fire away, no such thing as thick about technology, it is just a case of some of us know while others will know once they ask the question.

I suspect that the drivers for your motherboard have not been installed correctly that is why you are having problems with the USB ports nothing to do with Microsoft.

So download and run Belarc, this will tell you and then us what components you have. We need to know the motherboard make and model.

  alanrwood 11:52 07 Sep 2013

Seems to me that you may have purchased a computer from an unreliable source. Where did you get it from. Was it a retailer. If so it is still in warranty and you should get an activation code from them. That is unless they are using an illegal hacked version of Windows (Supplying Win7 Ultimate would seem to support this as there are loads available on the net if you look for it. All illegal of course).

As Chronos says get in contact with where you bought it first and also let us know what the specific models of processor and motherboard is fitted. He is also correct that you should forget about everything else and concentrate of getting Windows working correctly.

Yes AMD did produce a 3 core processor, my wife has one in her HP laptop.

  finerty 23:47 08 Sep 2013

yes where did you purchase these computers from. When you post this info we may be able to get to the bottom of this mysterious case of the windows software

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