Bogus security Threat ???

  Miros 07:21 18 Oct 2006

Have been sent e-mail from and address as follows

I have replaced the @ with * does anyone no if this is genuine or bogus?

I'm a little suspicious of it, I have not down loaded it as yet, I have seen and read the contents via ePrompter, there are a lot of web links to their address which include my e-mail address, this looks dodgy to me!

Any help would be appreciated.

  Miros 07:28 18 Oct 2006

This is a copy of the mail I refer to. I have removed the links and my e-mail address for obviouse reasons.

The copy as follows:
Security Setting Message Center: You may need to update your security settings as soon as possible: Press here to update your security settings or read below for more information: racebin. There is a high possibility that your PC's security settings may become exploited by malicious websites without your knowledge. This could easily lead to the following attacks on your PC's hard drive: - Unwanted Virus Downloads - Uncontrollable Trojan horse attacks - The running of unwanted script programs - The installation of malicious spyware If your PC is not protected correctly then these attacks could allow hackers to track your movements across the Internet. It also means that your information, ranging from passwords to credit card numbers, can be stored by sites that you visit. A successful hacker could examine this information and extract it, setting the stage for identity theft, credit card fraud, or worse. Press here for more information on how to make certain you are protected: http:// Some unknown or untrusted websites use script programs to change your home page, modify your web history, display advertisements, disable your back button, or redirect you to different websites without your consent. Such scripts have also been recently used by Russian hackers to silently install viruses on end-user's computers. One way to protect your PC is to download the Threat Nuker software program. This software will allow you to run a complimentary scan so you will know if your settings are secure or not. If they are secure then you will be informed. If the scan shows that you are not secure then Threat Nuker will inform you on the steps you should take in order to secure your PC even further. Press here to run the Threat Nuker system scan now: click here ----- ----- If you feel that you are receiving this email in error or are not interested in receiving future "Threat Nuker" offers please go to this page: click here or contact us via regular mail at: 100 E. San Marcos Blvd San Marcos, CA 92069.


You will not get anymore of our emails if you go here and enter your email address

  Miros 07:31 18 Oct 2006

Note I have disabled the links by removing part of address again for obvious reasons, so they will not work.

  Miros 07:38 18 Oct 2006

Just done a little search for racebin,and see it is listed as spam on this site click here
Think I'll dump it.

  birdface 07:38 18 Oct 2006

Hi Miros,If Sender Is Not Known To you,I would delete it,If not Sure about content,Run your own Anti-Virus + Spyware Programs to make sure everything is Ok,I delete anything that come,s into my mailbox that i don't recognise,Better safe than sorry,I am sure one of the experts on here will be better able to advise you,This is only my opinion.

  g0slp 07:40 18 Oct 2006

I agree with buteman.


  Miros 07:52 18 Oct 2006

I think your right maybe I should start another thread and title it. Racebin! Warning.

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