Bog-standard Speakers - Can you compare?

  Diemmess 18:07 03 Jan 2004

Having little interest in audio via the PC..... Onboard sound rather than a fancy extra card, I thought I could get away with monitor's built in speakers.

I can't. They are terrible. I have given their ancient predecessors away.

Various offers abound in the £10-£25 area. Can you say from experience or obs. "Buy these, but not those?"

Not interested in fancy all around sound etc. etc.(have a HiFi system which suits me), but I would like to play a CD in the background, or enjoy stuff from a website.

  DieSse 18:17 03 Jan 2004

I've always found the Philips ones good for cheap speakers.

  leo49 18:17 03 Jan 2004

Even for casual/infrequent listening, a subwoofer you stick under the desk makes a world of difference to the overall sound.Hercules,Creative,Logitech are the usual suspects with 2.1 offerings in that price range.

  Mr.Scoobs 18:48 03 Jan 2004

i brought some packard bell speakers the other day from dixons they where 20 quid, 10 pound off.
1 sub and 2 speakers with volume and bass control hand switch. works just fine for me and is plenty loud enough. im just interested having ok sound, not blowing my roof off!!!

  niknax 18:53 03 Jan 2004

you could always rig up hi-fi speakers and amp to your pc, i do works a treat and sounds terrific!

  TheTerminator 18:58 03 Jan 2004

click here

Causing a minor stir in the the PCA forums

  Diemmess 19:39 03 Jan 2004

Just to add that small footprint is more important than small price. (E-Buyer's deal is no longer current)

  Joe McG 19:43 03 Jan 2004


these might do a job for you.

My daughters still use these on their machine, and for the price they have a good sound.
click here

  Diemmess 18:24 05 Jan 2004

Thanks to everyone for their opinions.

Living in the sticks I had to balance local shop with limited choice and hefty markup (6 mls) with internet + carrier, or PCWorld 20 mls and Severn Bridge toll.

Local shop had speakers by the international name which made my first CD burner. In fairness, (nameless)because the sound was quite awful and had a background hum which cycled from soft to loud every couple of seconds, was able to return same day for refund.

Visited PCWorld with your suggestions copied. Came away with Altec-Lansing 221 3 piece gizmo @ £39.99.(way above my original spec but Hey)

This is a no nonsense outfit with power to bend the doors, but will play quietly and has effective magnetic shielding allowing the speakers to go wherever it suits me best, and the sub-woofer as leo 49 suggested, under this antique desk, to compete with a waste paper basket, a constant voltage transformer, and my toes

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