On board sound problem

  smiffybiscuit 14:52 22 Oct 2008

I have a ASUS P4S800 mobo, I have no sound.I have no sound card installed so am using onboard sound.
When I look in device manager there is a exclaimation mark next to - Multimedia Audio Controller, when I double click the device it has a code 28 error, I try to install the driver but the wizard says it cannot find the driver.

Do I need to enable onboard sound through the BIOS and if so how, I have gone into the BIOS but cannot see the option to do this.

Ant ideas how I get sound please ?

  baldydave 15:01 22 Oct 2008

you enable onboard sound in the bios.
I have just had this problem on a friends pc,sound enabled in bios installed drivers new and old but refused to work.Tried turning off sound in bios rebooting then turning on in bios then rebooting,windows found hardware but error every time,only option left to me was seperate sound card, onboard must be screwed.
Also removed CMOS battery to reset bios,but nothing

  griffon56 15:29 22 Oct 2008

Hi Smiffybiscuit,

I seem to remember vaguely that there also might be a jumper somewhere on the board which has to be set to 'Onboard Sound' before the BIOS will act on it. It might be in any info sent with the mobo.

  T0SH 15:34 22 Oct 2008

There are sound (Audio) drivers for Windows XP downloadable from here
click here

Cheers HC

  T0SH 15:50 22 Oct 2008

PS there is also an english version of the motherboard manual available for download from the link in the above post it explains where the setting is and how to enable (Auto) or disable onboard sound in BIOS

Cheers HC

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