bnbform.cgi help needed

  The GnoMe 09:17 24 Nov 2004

hi all well i have the script and the form and all that i need but is there anywere thatll tell me how to configure script, basicall i want the form to send the results to me ([email protected]) and to send the filler in an auto responder and then redirect them to a thank you page, my site is click here and the form is on the contact us page. i would really appreciate any help


  The GnoMe 12:18 27 Nov 2004

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all that you mention, using PHP, and the code is so simple to set up.

  Taran 02:05 30 Nov 2004

Assuming you mean Big Nose Bird form CGI script, there is an online troubleshooting guide at their site: click here

The script itself can be downloaded from click here

When you extract the files in the script download, the README.txt file contains full instructions on setting things up, file permissions, path settings and so on, but basically one of the fields you form will need is:

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="submit_to" VALUE="yourname @ domain. com">

There's far more to it of course, but everything you need to know is in the documentation that comes with the script.

  Forum Editor 07:09 30 Nov 2004

To send a user to a 'thank you' page, enter this line


followed by the url of the page you want them to see.


followed by your email address will send form responses to you


is the text that you want to send to respondents.

These are hidden fields, and I can see from your source code that you have already entered the thankyou page url and an error page url in the script configuration section.

  The GnoMe 12:10 01 Dec 2004

thanks guys for the advice, i am thinking of moving towards the php form, i dont really know a great deal about coding etc etc. is there any good sites that will help me to set up a form similar to the one i have on my contact us page in php?
and also to help me set up the script?


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