BMW 525D msport Problem no electrics no engine

  TysonC91 14:16 10 Apr 2018

Hoping someone can help I'm stuck!

I have a BMW 525D M Sport it's the E60 and I pulled up at work, sat and let the car settle, pressed the engine stop button and everything just died.

I couldn't pull the key fob from the ignition, there was no lights on, when opening the door nothing it's like the car just completely died.

Can anyone help?

  Govan1x 14:42 10 Apr 2018

Chap with the same problem on here but it does not give a fix but a few suggestions.

Click here

  Gordon Freeman 15:11 10 Apr 2018

This is just an idea based on something similar with my 3 series M sport - total power loss, nada.

On upper side of passenger footwell that's where my fuse box is [behind glove box], see if you can get yr hand in underneath and feel the cables and give them a gentle wiggle. I called a BMW guy out and this is what he did to get the car started. It was all repaired by the dealer FOC as there was a call-in notice on my model.

From your brief description your total power failure symptoms seem similar, although your car is 5 series. Might be worth checking the above, and also see if your battery connections have loosened. Not sure on yours if they're in the boot.

Failing this, call your dealership and get it recovered. Pricey I know, but it'll get you out of this hole.

  Gordon Freeman 15:40 10 Apr 2018

Just had a quick look, not sure what year your car is, but there was a power related recall notice issued in 2012 which might be relevant, but it was some time ago.


Safest option is to get recovery to dealer as you really don't want loss of power while driving, and the potential consequences of that.

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