Bluish blob on 17" LG monitor

  Brucemac 12:44 31 Jan 2003

My 8 month old PC with LG E700B 17" CRT monitor appears to have developed a bluish blob about the size of half a large pear on the left of the screen. I thought it was the kids thumbprints at first and have wiped the screen, with background set to white it is blue, blue it is purple. All settings seem normal and everything else except the clock are ok. Ideas please

  Cordy13 12:53 31 Jan 2003

Any magnets, speakers, near the monitor?

  Newuser4165 13:12 31 Jan 2003

This fault is similar to what happened to a TV of mine some years ago.The blob in this case was caused by the failure of a "posistor" - a component of the degaussing circuit.Try manually
degaussing the monitor but if that fails then it looks to me like a repair under the warranty is needed.

  Brucemac 14:35 31 Jan 2003

No speakers / magnets etc

  Djohn 14:18 01 Feb 2003

Use degauss a couple of times, leaving 10 min. between each one.

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