Blueyonder Tech support can't help - USB Cable MDM

  bliksem 16:58 12 Feb 2003

Hi All, Im trying to get my Motorola SB4200 Cable Modem to connect to my PC using the USB port. It currently works using the Network Card at the mo....and all is fine. But I want to free up the network connection so that I can network another pc. In theory this should be easy but no!

I have downloaded the latest drivers and installed them. I connect the modem using USB and all the necessary lights come on (even the activity light) but when I try IE it says DNS error like the PC has no internet connection.

Help please 'cause blueyonder support don't know whats wrong.....had an argument with them over it.



  Sir Radfordin™ 17:04 12 Feb 2003

ok, first things first, what OS are you using?

I just plugged my modem in, XP said "oooh theres something new better sort myself out" and then came back and said I had new hardware.

On the disk that came with my install there was something to remove the USB drivers. might be an idea to do that. Remove the modem. Reboot the computer. Shut down. Then plug the modem in and see if it comes up as new hardware.

You may need to register a new MAC address.

  coogs 17:05 12 Feb 2003

if so use that for the modem connection if not keep complaining say your not paying this month unless they fix it or tell you how to fix it

  bliksem 17:06 12 Feb 2003

Hi, Im using XP Pro. Ok I will try remove and then reinstall. I have Virtual Machine software installed and BY told me that is causing a conflict.....I disagreed....hence the disagreement.


  bliksem 17:08 12 Feb 2003

Good point re paying this month. I will try that too.

  bliksem 17:10 12 Feb 2003

BY even told me to unplug the modem....wait an hour ! and to try again. The tech support person was obviously clueless and trying to fob the call.

  Allan-263226 17:18 12 Feb 2003

I currently work for telewest Business side. What is the actual DNS error are you recving?

If you have checked your network settings and all is ok there, what IP address are you showing?

The possibilities at this stage are an IP address looking like:

1. absent or (ethernet interface not operational)

2. in the range (DHCP failure)

3. in the range (cable modem internal DHCP fall-back)

Let me know asap, i finish in 15 mins and i'll let u know the fix.

  bliksem 17:20 12 Feb 2003

Finally a helpful BY employee....its much appreciated. Unfortunately I can't work on it tonight. Could we pick it up in the morning?


  Allan-263226 17:24 12 Feb 2003

That is fine....
If you email me [email protected] i'll glady help.

  Allan-263226 09:26 13 Feb 2003

Any luck on finding the above?

  bliksem 09:35 13 Feb 2003

Thanks for checking back with me. I have spent another 25mins with BY and in the end he hung up the phone, leaving me with a disabled network card (which was working fine) and no further down the line with the USB connection.

When I connect the Modem using USB my ip address is in the 169 region. Does that help you ?

Thanks again for your time.

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