blueyonder self install

  kane_2002k 16:40 08 Apr 2003

hi all

i just got blueyonder self install broadband pack. and was hoping someone would be able to tell me if it's possible to connect network cable from cable set top box to NIC rather then USB port as directed (using the supplied USB adapter)?. Also any advice on how to use this to suppply broadband to a small network would be helpful i.e. are there any differences with the equipment that can be used as the cable modem is in the actual cable-tv set-top-box?

  kane_2002k 19:45 08 Apr 2003

please really need some help with this

  fitshase 19:57 08 Apr 2003

It should be OK. If there is a RJ45 socket on the set top box then connecting it through that should work.

As for supplying the broadband to a small network, there shouldn't be any difference in the equipment you can use.

Hope this helps



  kane_2002k 20:09 08 Apr 2003

thanks for your help there is a RJ45 socket on the set top box and i have done away with the supplied USB adapter and have plugged the cable coming from the set top box into a NIC and it's working fine, but does this almost definately mean that i can plug the cable from my set top box into any common router?

  fitshase 20:14 08 Apr 2003

If it works through the NIC on your computer then it will work with a router.

One point to note, make sure that the router uses the MAC address of the original computer as blueyonder only allows access on an account using the registered MAC addresses.

hope this helps



  kane_2002k 21:21 08 Apr 2003

In the user guide supplied by blueyonder it says that u don't have to register a MAC address if ur using broadband throught a set top box. Does this mean that i won't have to register the MAC address even when using a router??

  fitshase 21:34 08 Apr 2003

If that is what blueyonder say then it must be true. I use blueyonder with a cable modem and router so I had to use the MAC address.

It must be something to do with the set top box.

Best thing to do is plug it in and see if it works.



p.s. incidently, if you go to the blueyonder website, it does not mention a self install pack!

  Gerrycan 22:32 08 Apr 2003

As you have probably found out,although you can network with blueyonder ,they do not offer any tech support on networking,which after i changed over from bt broadband to cable i found out,but the engineer did his level best to help me set up my home network,but in the end i ended up putting 2 network card in the main pc then connected to a hub then connected the 2nd pc via a network card and also to the hub,this i found was the simplest way of configuring a network using XP o/s on both systems.i found this site very useful,and i hope it helps you

  Gerrycan 22:34 08 Apr 2003

sorry forgot here?

  kane_2002k 22:40 08 Apr 2003

thanks don't want to go down that route doesn't that mean one PC has to be on for the other one to work?

  kane_2002k 17:00 09 Apr 2003

Just in case anyone has the same problem as i did, i have just got a Belkin 4-port router and it seems to be working fine. So far only one PC on it, since i haven't put in the wires to my other PC's.

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