Blueyonder PCguard

  Trikie 18:52 14 Sep 2005

I've just had an e-mail from Blueyonder offering their free PCguard security. I have XP with SP1 with Ad-Aware SE Plus, Microsoft Anti Spyware, Avast Anti Virus, Spybot S&D and Zone Labs.

Does Blueyonder ofer anything more or might it clash with some of what I already have?

  Yoda Knight 18:57 14 Sep 2005

If your happy with what you have why overload your system with anti- this that and the next thing ? Just wasting resources... 1 of each is generaly the rule

  De Marcus™ 19:07 14 Sep 2005

The pc gaurd requires you to uninstall most of your current protection, as it's an all in one suite. I tried it as I was tempted by the no-hassle all in one idea, it was off in less than 15 minutes, unusable, caused stability issues, offered to uninstall adaware for me and done a bad job of it, basically the idea's good, but I think the program needs a lot of work.

  Trikie 22:11 14 Sep 2005

Thanks - I'll give it a miss.

  uisquebeathus 15:40 15 Sep 2005

all of your present protection software will have to be unloaded as they will not work, and if you have a network that will not work either you will have to switch off pc guard to see the other computers.
The pop up messages will drive you nuts to say the least
unfortunatly blue yonder picked a lulu

  AndrewVL 16:03 26 Nov 2005

I am a Telewest customer and therefore received PCguard free. The backup support is not that good though, just FAQs on a website!
My PCguard's Pop-Up Blocker does not seem to function properly. When I run the tests in the PCguard Diagnostic Utility, I get a Check COM error. It appears that I am missing 2 DLL files: FBHR.dll and pkR.dll. If someone out there already has PCguard installed on their system, would you mind emailing these 2 files (located in C:\Windows\System32 folder) to me on [email protected]. Thanks!

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