BLUEYONDER - Extended Support Line

  GORAL 20:00 03 Jun 2004

Could I encourage all the Blueyonder users, of which I know there are many amonst us, to protest at the insiduous introduction by Telewest of their new Extended Support Line - at £1 per minute - They started with Technical Support calls being totally free, then they became 0845 number calls, and now this ! The website makes clear what is covered by each Tech Support option and fortunately I have never had to call them about anything which would now require a £1 p.m. call, but it is a case of "creeping" price increases and we should protest.

Personally I would have preferred a price reduction to their much trumpetted speed increase.

There is a page on the message for letting them know what you feel - LET THEM KNOW !

  BEVERLEY-256334 20:25 03 Jun 2004

This is a support line for extended tech support. You will still be able to ring the 0845 number as usual or use support provided on the website the extended support is for other problems behond the scope of blueyonder such as networking, anti-virus,OS,Graphic cards ect.There is more info here.

click here

  Cook2 20:30 03 Jun 2004

Blueyonder Instant Support Tool has so far sorted any minor problems I come across.

I believe Broadband users still get free tech. support.

  BEVERLEY-256334 20:49 03 Jun 2004

Blueyonder broadband tech support is an 0845 number charged at local rate.

  Cook2 20:52 03 Jun 2004

Yep, you're right JODI1943.

A service from Telewest FREE!!! What planet am I on?

  Wulfrune 20:57 03 Jun 2004

In all honesty I've found the guys at Blueyonder to be some of the most helpful, "go the extra mile" people that I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Still it's not their problem if you've got some other none Blueyonder related issues is it? so I think if you're going to go to them with "other" probs a £1 a min is fair enough.

  VoG II 21:01 03 Jun 2004

It is a commercial company that is heavily in debt. I really fail to understand what the objection is now that they have introduced the *free* instant support tool. It won't fix everything, for sure, but it will cure a lot of what are, I'm sure, common and simple-to-fix (if you know the fix) problems.

  BEVERLEY-256334 21:05 03 Jun 2004

I have had nothing but excellent support from Blueyonder and cannot fault their service, I have Broadband internet, Tv and Telephone and found any problems are quickly resolved. I have had a New Modem, and new digibox fitted recently at no charge to me.

Keep it up Blueyonder/ Telewest.

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