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  rob_absalom 10:03 12 Mar 2003


I recently bought a new hard drive (40gig) to replace my old one (8gig). I put the new hard drive in and installed win xp pro on it no problem. I am no longer using the 8 gig for the time being. Anyway all seems ok except i can't connect to the internet. A log in box pops up for me to enter username and password whick i've done but it doesn't work. But i didn't think i had to do that on broadband anyway. I though that was just for dial up. the cable box is working and all the lights are working as it did before the install but it just isn't working. I thought i might need to install the modem software, but it appears xp has already recognised it. does anyone have any advice?

  vaughan007 11:27 12 Mar 2003

Because you are being asked for a username and password, as far as windows is concerned you have no internet connection.

Did you re-install windows from scratch or simply copy everything from your old HDD to your new HDD? If you re-installed windows from scrath what your symptoms are pretty much exactly what I would expect to happen.

Firstly (just to check), go through this brief process (although I imagine you already have). Turn computer off. Unplug cable modem (power cord and cable cord). Wait 5 seconds. Plug modem back in. Turn computer back on.

If this fails it sounds like you may have to re-setup your LAN connection in internet explorer by going to tools and internet options. If you dont know how to do this give BY tech support a ring and they will talk you through it. I suggest you do this anyway, because your problem sounds like a fairly simple one to me. Its just there are various processes you need to go through to check some things that take too much explanation to describe here. All of which BY can talk you through.

  vaughan007 11:29 12 Mar 2003

One more thing...when you phone BY dont forget to tell themm you re-installed windows.

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