Blueyonder anti-virus - most annoying!

  johnlecarre 13:07 10 May 2004

Blueyonder proudly announced some weeks ago that they have new anti-virus software on their mail server - since then I get 3 or 4 notifications every day, sometimes 10 a day, of an infected e-mail plus a link to read the cleaned attachment, invariably the link fails. All this is such a waste of time and dispite a number of complaints to their tech support they don't seem to want to stop doing it. I run 'iHate Spam' so these notifications are deleted, I have tried bouncing them too - as I said it is such a waste of time.They say they have always had anti-virus software on the server so the number of spam e-mails hasn't increased it is just that now they notify me - but I don't want to be notified and they won't stop. Any suggestions what else I can do?

  Cook2 20:38 10 May 2004

Yep, good ol' Blueyonder, more anti-virus notifications from them than I get Spam.

Mailwasher and Blacklist. Outlook and as to junk-mail.

Bliss!!! (:)

  jstaunton 21:15 08 Jul 2004

what is the answer to this, i am also cheesed off with blueyonders improved system. any ideas how to stop these notifiers

  Gaz 25 21:22 08 Jul 2004

Phone them - ask them to disable.

They are pointless.

  Cook2 21:23 08 Jul 2004

I now use this click here which I prefer to MailWasher.

When you first use it check the Quarantine and Junk Mail folders daily, to make sure it hasn't blocked someone you want e-mails from, then check weekly. Just click on allow sender and move to Inbox.

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