Bluetoothing mobiles

  montyburns 17:59 18 Oct 2003

Just got a Sony Ericsson T610, and am trying to get it to communicate with my PC. Got a bluetooth dongle and got this set up (not without difficulty) so at least the phone and PC can "see" each other.

Software is not up to much and I can't make it actually DO anything. Got the supplied phone software installed too and this

a) doesn't do anything (the phone can't be "seen"
b) doesn't look very good anyway

On my previous phone (Nokia 7110) I had Data-Becker's "GSM Toolkit for Nokia" which allowed you to edit pictures, sounds etc and up/download them and also you could type texts on your PC and send them thru your phone. Does anyone know of anything similar for the SE T610?

Also any hints or tips (or advice on software) to get the bluetooth dongle thingey working

As ever, any help appreciated

ps oh and also looking for any sites that offer good, free (!), polyphonic ringtone downloads if they exist!

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