Bluetooth USB dongle not recognized

  Linkslade 19:36 07 Aug 2010

I have a Bluetooth usb dongle which is recognized on a Medion laptop running Vista and a Packard Bell desktop running XP both belonging to others.

However on my own PC a Medion 6618 desktop with Vista it is not recognized. In Device Manager drivers are shown as installed and up to date and Medion have suggested faulty usb connections, but these are in order as other peripherals run off them OK.

Any advice appreciated.

  mgmcc 21:20 07 Aug 2010

Why do you say that it isn't recognised in your Vista desktop PC? If you plug it in and it's listed in Device Manager, it must be recognised. Unplug it and it will be removed from Device Manager's listing.

  Linkslade 22:05 07 Aug 2010

Thanks for your reply.

I think it is not recognized because when it is plugged in and the icon is clicked nothing happens. On the other PC's when the icon is clicked I immediately receive a prompt to commence.

  mgmcc 22:20 07 Aug 2010

OK, try uninstalling it in Device Manager (but leave it plugged in), then reboot so that Windows "finds new hardware" and reinstalls it. See if it then performs as it should.

  Linkslade 22:46 07 Aug 2010

Thanks for your reply.
(Have now to collect offspring...)

I will do as you recommend and report back tomorrow.

  Linkslade 08:06 08 Aug 2010

Did exactly as change.

After clicking on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar I then click on 'Show bluetooth devices'..nothing is shown.

Then when clicking on 'Add bluetooth device' I am asked to select a wireless device to pair with this PC.. but nothing is selected.

When trying Send a file or Receive a file, again nothing happens.

Also in Hardware and sound when clicking on Bluetooth Devices nothing is shown.

  mgmcc 08:43 08 Aug 2010

Is the device with which you're trying to pair the PC (a phone?) set as "discoverable" or "visible" in its Bluetooth settings, so that the PC's Bluetooth software can find it?

Until the two Bluetooth devices have been paired, nothing else such as Sending/Receiving files is going to work.

  Linkslade 11:10 08 Aug 2010

Thanks for your reply.

The device is a mobile 'phone.

And in Bluetooth settings it is not shown as "discoverable" or "visible."

  morddwyd 20:40 08 Aug 2010

You have to set both your phone and your computer to "Allow other bluetooth devices to connect"

Make sure you reset it when you have finished with the connection, otherwise you'll have everyone and his brother able to connect.

Ain't no WEP/WPA on a bluetooth dongle!

  Linkslade 21:05 08 Aug 2010

Thanks for that morddwyd.

Point taken.

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