Bluetooth transmitter for TV

  tonyx1302 22:07 04 Mar 2018

Hello. Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth transmitter that doesn’t plug in to the headphone jack on the TV please? I would like to listen via headphones and without deleting the sound for others which would happen if I plug anything into the headphone jack Thank you Tony

  wee eddie 23:20 04 Mar 2018

Has your TV got a USB Port?

  mrcalif 00:09 05 Mar 2018

Has your TV got a USB Port?

I know what your thinking, however you just can't plug any Bluetooth device into a TV's USB Port.

They usually have to be proprietary device from the TV's manufacturer.

  mrcalif 00:19 05 Mar 2018

If your TV has an Optical Out connection try this click here sound will not be muted via a Toslink connection.


  tonyx1302 16:32 05 Mar 2018

Following on has anybody purchased and can recommend a 27"---32" TV with Bluetooth already installed ? I want to be able to listen via my wireless Bluetooth earphones while everybody else can hear unaffected from the TV Thank you Ton

  mrcalif 17:05 05 Mar 2018

Unfortunately your going to be back to sound just via the headphones.

As most TV's, as soon as you pair a Bluetooth Audio Device will send all sound to that Device and mute the internal TV Speakers.

  tonyx1302 17:31 05 Mar 2018

Hello mrcalif and thank you so much for your reply and expertise. As you will have gathered, I am not at all technically minded so thought that a Bluetooth TV was the answer. Because of my hearing loss our home has been wired up for a 'loop' system for twenty odd years but hoped that a TV with B/tooth and earphones would make like easier. Not to be but now at least I understand why Thank you again for all your help and patience Kind regards Tony

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