Bluetooth and printers

  gasser 21:11 01 Jul 2004

The ads talk about "Bluetooth-enabled printers" How does one persuade a printer to respond to Bluetooth? Does the printer have to be a special type? My PC/laptop/PDA are all B-enabled, but how can I persuade my USB printer to join in?

  Lead 22:07 01 Jul 2004

If it doesn't already have some form of BT adapter built in, you can buy them to fit the parallel or usb socket to allow it communicate via BT. I was looking into it myself a few months back, but the cost was off putting. I don't have any links to hand at the moment.

As for setting them up, I'm not sure specifically. But if it's anything like my phone, you make one device discoverable (I imagine the printer) and tell the PC to search for it. Should be plain sailing after that.

  Lead 22:09 01 Jul 2004

I was bored, so looked....

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