Bluetooth Ports - Instal Wizard

  Inx 20:49 23 Feb 2006

everytime i log onto my account i get an icon in the taskbar. with a speech bubble from it stating bluetooth port. it wont dispaear, and as soon a click something the installation wizard appears with the options to search for hardware or quit. i click quit and it reapears seconds later. it keeps doing this and i try serching for hardware, (none found) end task on task manager which does the same as quiting.

the reason its blietooth port is because i recently installed ymy bluetooth dongle, which stopped my plug and play sidewinder controller from working, so i uninstalled and this message keeps popping up, very annoying.

i recently posted a forum on a keylogger i have, this is just another small but iritating problem i have.

thanks in advanced. inx.

  VoG II 20:51 23 Feb 2006

You could turn off the balloons click here

  Inx 21:03 23 Feb 2006

Norton has deyected it as a high risk file???

  VoG II 21:04 23 Feb 2006

That is because it is a script but I can assure you that it is perfectly safe to run it.

  Inx 21:05 23 Feb 2006

ok thank you

  phono 21:05 23 Feb 2006

It is possible that there are some driver remnants from your bluetooth dongle still on the system, try Driver Cleaner Pro, from click here I am not sure if it will cover your particular device but it is worth a shot.

  Inx 21:06 23 Feb 2006

were do i save it, and once its saved, isit done?

  Inx 21:07 23 Feb 2006

oh i see. thanks Vog

  phono 21:07 23 Feb 2006

Is that question for me, phono, or VoG™?

  Inx 21:09 23 Feb 2006

oh phono your post was invisible to me???

i didnt see it, good idea though, il be sure to try it. thanks

  VoG II 21:10 23 Feb 2006

"Download the xp_balloontips.vbs file and save it to your hard drive (you may want to right click and use Save Target As). Double-click xp_balloontips.vbs file. You will be prompted when the changes have been completed."

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