Bluetooth Peripheral device problem Win7

  LondonBlondie 14:03 08 Mar 2018

Hello, I just cannot work out this problem myself, I have been browsing forums and tried gazillion things and nothing is working. Please, anyone can you help me, I am a girl and can work out many things but I am either very stupid here or just overlooking simple problem. I am trying to connect my Bluetooth headphones to my PC and I cannot get it connected and I installed and uninstalled so many things that I am so confused that I do not even what to do new. Ok, I have Windows 7 and had my headphones connected through Bluesoleil previously but it suddenly stopped working. I couldn’t get it work so I uninstalled and deleted Bluesoleil. I decided to try to connect the headphones just directly through dongle but run into problems. (My headphones are August EP 650), (btw, even my phone is not picked up by Win’s7 Bluetooth)…

  LondonBlondie 14:06 08 Mar 2018

I cannot post pictures of the problem because this site thinks it is spam, omg,

  LondonBlondie 14:11 08 Mar 2018

  LondonBlondie 14:13 08 Mar 2018

So when I click on Bluetooth dongle to troubleshoot

  LondonBlondie 14:15 08 Mar 2018

then I try to troubleshoot Peripheral device and this comes up

  LondonBlondie 14:16 08 Mar 2018

here are settings for Bluetooth

  beeuuem~2 14:49 08 Mar 2018

I had a similar problem with my bluetooth headset.

Although my phone could connect, the headset wouldn't connect. It had the identical symptoms you report. I bought a newer dongle click here ( otherrs are available !) and they now both work without going through Bluesoleil.

  LondonBlondie 15:20 08 Mar 2018

Thanks for the advice but it is a pretty new dongle, only a year old. My point is, I would really like to try to solve the problem because it can repeat in the future and I would like to lean how to solve it.

  beeuuem~2 16:46 08 Mar 2018

I did try my 'old' dongle with the advice from click here and while I could connect I didn't get any sound. It does however does offer some avenues to explore. I used the drivers from click here

Good luck! 1]: [click here 2]: [click here

  beeuuem~2 16:49 08 Mar 2018

You are better with this site than me !!

Advice from click here

Drivers from click here

  LondonBlondie 23:25 17 Mar 2018

Yes! New dongle had solved the problem. Yay! Thanks for advice. Finally I can have my headset on and move around the house.

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