bluetooth keyboard connected but not working

  Anders Svarrer 18:40 19 Nov 2016

Hello I have a Silver Crest Bluetooth keyboard that are recognized by Windows 7 PC, and it accepts the code I enter, + it shows up in printers and devices, but.. as son as the code is entered followed by "enter" it stops working. It is there still connected but... I have tried to delete delete drivers, and find new, but nothing new is found. I have tried to delete my bluetooth mouse as well as unplugging the old wired keyboard, and start all over (after a restart) but.. stil not working. I have tried to connect the keyboard to: Android phone ( oneplus 3), Tablet (very old android), Chromebook, and a windows 7 notebook, and keyboard is recognized immediately, and works in all cases. What else to try? Thanx for any help, I have been fighting this problem for 5 months now, and actually got a new keyboard for free, so now I have two that are not working.. it is you could say but not on the PC I want to use it on...

  Govan1x 14:26 20 Nov 2016

Maybe try the 2nd answer from this old thread.

Click here

  Anders Svarrer 05:42 21 Nov 2016

I'm not sure what you mean, answer 2 is somthing related ti Win98 somthing.., reply 3, take it back to Lidl...?? I have done that, got a new keyboard that also don't work, (read the long explanation in myfirst post)

  Govan1x 12:53 21 Nov 2016

I don't suppose you looked at answer 1 then.It was my mistake in saying 2nd answer.

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