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Bluetooth has disappeared!

  Tycho 19:48 02 Nov 2010

I used to have a little blue icon in the system tray which I could use to switch on my wireless adaptor(?) and bluetooth. This icon has disappered and with it my means of switching on bluetooth.

I have looked in the Device manager-> Network Adaptors and see only these two items:

Attansic Ethernet
Intel(R) Pro Wireless

Nothing bluetooth related at all.

I could really do with some help with this.

Oh yes, the wireless connection is continuing to work.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 02 Nov 2010


1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Click Bluetooth Devices
4. Click the Options tab
5. Click Show the Bluetooth Icon in the notification area
6. Click OK

  Tycho 09:05 03 Nov 2010

Thanks, Fruit Bat.

I had done what you had suggested but I didn't realise that I needed to restart the machine to make the changes take effect.


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