Bluetooth GPS

  loquito 23:20 26 Jul 2004

I bought a GPS that is bluetooth enable. In order to download information from the GPS wirelessly to my laptop I need (I think) a bluetooth card in my laptop. My laptop is Sony Vaio with wi-fi embeded.

What information do I need in order to order the proper bluetooth card and where I put it? and from where do I order it?

Help very appreciated.


  Ben_uk 16:58 10 Dec 2004

Whilst looking for info on best GPS/PDA I saw your request. I believe you can simply buy a USB BLUETOOTH ADAPTOR (or DONGLE which is what they are also called I believe) which if I'm right would keep things simple (As a Desktop only owner I could be wrong).Belkin do one for £36 at DABS.
I haven't found any decisive info yet to decide on the best GPS system to get for myself(an all in one TomTom go or PDA+TomTom) so would be interested to hear your opinion.

  loquito 05:52 11 Dec 2004


I am now in the USA. I bough a USB GPS from Garmin to be used with my laptop (Garmin GPS 18). It is very good, price ~$140. I am able to move anywhere in the USA in my car. I am not using Bluetooth (wireless)

Earthmate from 'delorme' (click here) sell both GPS (i.e. bluetooth and USB)for laptop and PDA. Prices are very competitives.

My wife is the 'navigator' in the passanger seat and she uses the laptop. The software has voice and it tells you where to turn.

I hope this will help.

  ICF 07:03 11 Dec 2004

I have this one click here to get stuff from my PC to my Motorola V500 mobile phone.

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