Bluetooth Frustation!

  albu 11:32 15 Mar 2006

Trying to connect my Sony Ericsson K700i mobile to a pc via bluetooth belkin adaptor, works sometimes and then other times it fails due to a connection or passcode missmatch error.

This is my first experience of bluetooth and it seems to be inconsistent whether it works.

Give me a cable anyday!

Why does bluetooth work inconsistently?
Has anyone else had a bluetooth nightmare?


  Danoh 11:40 15 Mar 2006

My son's k700i connects reliably via a bluetooth 1.2 USB adapter. Mind you, I've noticed he always uses it close to and with direct line-of-sight to the adapter.
I've also experimented with a bluetooth 2.0 USB adapter which was marginally faster in transfering Pics from his mobile but he was not fussed. (Oh, and my k750i worked fine in testing as well).

  Danoh 11:43 15 Mar 2006

Bluetooth 1.1 is reknown for dropping connections etc., which was fixed in 1.2. Bluetooth 2.0 mainly has faster throughput compared to 1.2.

What Bluetooth protocol does your Belkin have?

  Danoh 11:45 15 Mar 2006
  albu 15:46 17 Mar 2006

The bluetooth compliance is v1.2.

What a waste of money.


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