Bluetooth, Education in

  carmichy 13:12 23 Jul 2008

I would like to find some websites that will explain to me in (not too much)detail as to how it works and how I can use it. I want to use it both in laptop/Tablet and mobile phone use.

I know you people on here can give me it all in great detail but I want to keep it for future reference.
Salamat in anticipation

  MAT ALAN 13:17 23 Jul 2008

click here

should keep ya busy till tea time...

  MAT ALAN 13:20 23 Jul 2008
  carmichy 14:02 23 Jul 2008

Thank you for that Mat Alan. That is the sort of information I was looking.

In fact it will keep me going through breakfast 1, breakfast 2, Snack time, Lunch, Meriander, then the other snack time before Dinner time. As you can see Philippinoes only have one meal a day. All day long.

Thanks again for the links you provided.

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