Bluetooth dongle, set it up & nothing!!

  gazmix 20:47 08 Feb 2007

Ok, i stuck the dongle in my USB port whilst pc off.
I booted pc, & it registered new hardware.
I stuck in the software disk & it came up with the installation wizard!
I did all it said!
It said remove disk & reboot.
Then it said, 'error, no disk'!
I rebooted double clicked on the 'blue manager' icon
& i got Blue manager for skype & 2 options.
1. set up headset
2. Launch blue manager
Both do nothing when i click on them.
Sometimes it says 'bluetooth has developed a problem & needs to close' sorry for inconvenience'.

Should i have removed disk when it said, maybe too early! I dunno, i just want to pair it up with my phone to up & download stuff! I knew this would be a pain.
Any help appreciated

  Technotiger 20:51 08 Feb 2007

Hi, uninstall any bluetooth software, reboot pc.
Re-install bluetooth software and reboot pc again. Once pc has finished loading, insert bluetooth dongle. PC should find it and install hardware.

  Technotiger 20:53 08 Feb 2007

PS I also use a bluetooth dongle for use with my mobile.

  gazmix 21:09 08 Feb 2007

I uninstalled it, removed dongle ,rebooted.
I'll install again, but it says before instalation i need to remove disk, but after i remove it, it says 'no disk'!!!!
Is it safe to install dongel whilst pc is on, as i hear removing USB stuff is dangerous to pc whilst pc is on!?

  Technotiger 21:12 08 Feb 2007

I always connect and disconnect my Bluetooth dongle while pc is on.

Just reinstall the software, then re-boot pc. After that re-connect the dongle.

  Technotiger 21:14 08 Feb 2007

It is not dangerous to remove USB items while pc is on. That is one of the beauties of USB.

  gazmix 21:49 08 Feb 2007

It said after installation of disk to install dongle, which i did.
I then revbooted as it said.
I double clicked on the shortcut on my desktop 'Bluemanager for Skype'
It said Blue managaer has encountered an error, debug or end!

On my phone, i go to connectivity & bluetooth & it gives 3 options
1. Paired devices
2. Mode
3. my bluetooth name

I turned it on to mode & 'on & visible', the icon appeared on my phone that is in my programme 'btprot'. Like 2 triangles pointing right! But it still says the error & debug thing!

Should i wait until all the software is loaded, reboot & then add the dongle? It says not to!

I thought there were more instructions as to how to set my phone up & proceed!

  gazmix 21:59 08 Feb 2007

when i click on 'paired devices', it says Looking for devices & found 'Nokia 6021', Not my phone!
& then 'Bluetooth avaible for 3 mins more', yes or no!
I don't know why it doesn't recognise my pc & should i write anything in the 'paired devices. box!

I believe it's installed ok, i'm just doing something wrong somewhere!!

  Technotiger 22:09 08 Feb 2007

You should install exactly as I said, in the order that I said, in my Response @2051 above.

If it finds a phone other than your own, it is probably your nearest neighbours phone.

  gazmix 22:19 08 Feb 2007

It's my phone that i want to detect my pc!
Ok, i'll uninstall again & when it asks me if i want to add dongle later, i will as you say & get back to you!

  gazmix 00:06 09 Feb 2007

Ok, i did all you said Technotiger & i got the 'set up your headset wizard' when i clicked on headset. I assume that is the phone!
I followed all it's instructions, but i can't seem to pair my headset (phone) with the pc.
My crap manual for phone says that the phone isn't the headset!
I go to my phone, connectivity & bluetooth like i said & press pairing whilst the mode is on & visible.
It says paired devices & i click ok & it says looking for new devices & thats it, nothing!

I was told i need a number off my pc that pairs it up with the phone!
Am i in correct mode, i dunno what to do now

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