bluetooth dongle problems

  antony-332406 23:00 04 May 2005

i have a problem with my dongle.....its a motorola syn0717a, the computer is running XP home, SP2, AMD1700.
the drivers have loaded, and appear to be ok, when the dongle is plugged in, it appears in network connections, BUT is disconnected....
i cannot see any way to 'connect' it.
i also have a laptop dell c600 pentium 500, running 2000pro, and it works perfectly!
any ideas how i can 'connect' it??

  antony-332406 23:54 04 May 2005


  Kate B 12:55 05 May 2005

Have you tried to pair it with another device? Bluetooth is for ad hoc connections, and you must make that happen each time, rather than an always-connected infrastructure as you get with wi-fi.

  mgmcc 15:14 05 May 2005

<<<the drivers have loaded, and appear to be ok>>>

Which drivers? As SP2 implements native support for Bluetooth in Windows XP, installing third-party drivers can cause a conflict and prevent the Bluetooth device from working.

If you loaded drivers that came with the 'dongle', uninstall these and use those in XP SP2 instead.

  antony-332406 22:17 05 May 2005

i have taken off the 3rd party software/drivers, but still have the same problem........
if i try to add the mobile phone, <thats what i want the blue tooth for> this is one of the messages i get......
'Windows cannot find any Bluetooth devices. Make sure that your Bluetooth radio is attached to your computer and is turned on, and that your Bluetooth device is turned on. Follow the setup instructions that came with the device, and then click Search Again.'
as i said, it works fine on the laptop.... but i would like to be able to download onto the pc.....

  mgmcc 11:49 06 May 2005

With my phone, I am unable to have it 'paired' with two PCs simultaneously - I have to unpair it from the first PC and then pair it with the one I want to connect to. That may be contributing to the problem.

Otherwise, with Windows' own Bluetooth software, you should be able to open Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel, click "Add" and run the wizard to find new devices.

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