Bluetooth Dongle Install

  simmo07 14:49 21 Dec 2007

How can i find out what make my bluetooth dongle is? Im trying to install it on my vista pc and cant find the install cd, and no make on the dongle, its just blue?!?!

So when i plug it into USB windows looks for the driver files and of course, cannot.

Appreciate some help cheers

  Technotiger 15:04 21 Dec 2007

Sorry, I can't answer your question direct, but, why do you want to use Bluetooth - I found Bluetooth a pain-in-butt, so instead I use USB - more secure and works instantly with no fiddling about.

I used to use it with my mobile phone, until my next door neighbour told me he could 'see' my phone on his!

  simmo07 15:09 21 Dec 2007

i have usb for my nokia but its a pain sending files this way then having to bluetooth to my mates.

With the dongle i can send them directly from pc, well thats the idea.

There is a mode to hide your dongle device, maybe you should of tried that? I cant stand wires sticking out everywhere, but then thats personal choice


  Technotiger 15:47 21 Dec 2007

Hmm, I don't fully understand what you mean when you say 'With the dongle i can send them directly from pc' - cos you could also do this if using USB mobile to PC.

I send files from my mobile using the PC and Nokia PC Suite.

  simmo07 18:18 21 Dec 2007

When i used the USB/Nokia PC suite i sent the files to my nokia, then had to bluetooth them to my mates from my phone (they dont use nokia).

Im want the bluetooth dongle to send the files to any phone i choose + without the wires.

But the dongle i bought of someone doesnt have a name (from what i can see). its translucent blue, no cd with it cost me a fiver......

How to find the make and where to get drivers?


  Technotiger 18:20 21 Dec 2007

Try one or more of these ... click here

  simmo07 18:26 21 Dec 2007

cheers, i searched google earlier but what if i get the wrong driver as im clueless to the make?

  Technotiger 18:47 21 Dec 2007

click here

Try the Blue Soleil drivers on this link.

  Technotiger 18:48 21 Dec 2007

Notice - one of them is for Vista!

  mymate 19:13 21 Dec 2007

It sounds like the Soleil one to me ,as Technotiger said.There is a art of installing the software for it.I never did get mine working.

  mymate 19:48 21 Dec 2007

Thanks very much Technotiger, i got my bluetooth dongle working now .

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