Bluetooth dongle

  Mabinogion 21:30 22 Jan 2007

I want to be able to download photos and vids from my Samsung D600 mobile to my pc, I understand I can get a 'dongle' to do this as it's much quicker than connecting the phone which is what I have been doing but it is so slow but am not sure which one I have to get which would be compatible for both the phone and the pc so any advice please.

  Technotiger 21:34 22 Jan 2007

Any usb bluetooth dongle should work. My partner bought hers from Tescos, about £9.99 she thinks.

  STREETWORK 21:36 22 Jan 2007

You can get a dongle from most mobile shops, but if you go to the shop you got the phone from they may give you a discount.

It comes with a disk to follow the instructions to install it. All my kids use mine to upload photos and download music, etc. Any dongle will work with any bluetooth device such as cellphones with built in blue tooth. Once you have installed the dongle (love that name) use the phones instruction manual to pair up the devices....

If you get a problem just come back here...

  Mabinogion 22:24 22 Jan 2007

Thanks for all your suggestions but I am a little bit confused as the I already have a 'dongly thing' as I had a D-Link Router(wireless)and a D-Link 'dongly thing' came with it when I wanted to oonnect my laptop wirelessly to my pc but I went 'Orange' and had one of their Live Boxes so uninstalled the D-Link one so my question is 'Is that dongly thing any good for what I wanted to do in my message above? or have I lost the plot?

  Strawballs 22:32 22 Jan 2007

The dongle that you are refering to is the wireless adapter for the router (I think) you will need a bluetooth dongle click here these are examples you can get them from lots of places as others have suggested.

  STREETWORK 22:37 22 Jan 2007

Orange do have plans to include Bluetooth to the live box, but not yet...

You may see the option if you go into the Livebox configuration for Bluetooth.

See Orange for more details...

  Mabinogion 22:51 22 Jan 2007

Hi again
Thanks for you quick replies but how do I show you the link for the page I wanted to show you regarding the one I already have its this page but don't know how to do the 'click here' thingy.
Thanks again.
click here==

  Mabinogion 22:53 22 Jan 2007

Oh magic it just happens !!! well anyway thats the one I have and that dongle just sits in a cradle thing that came with it and the other end fits in the USB socket in the front of the pc (well it did when I had it installed)

  Strawballs 22:57 22 Jan 2007

As I thought that is a wireless USB adapter you will need a Bluetooth USB dongle, like the ones in my link.

  brundle 22:59 22 Jan 2007

As Strawballs pointed out, you are referring to a different kind of wireless dongle. Bluetooth is similar technology but works on different frequencies. click here

Getting a dongle won't speed up transfer if you are using a cable already, just makes things a bit more convenient. A data cable and using your phone in `Mass Storage` mode (it should appear as a new drive in My Computer) is quick and easy.Just drag and drop the files.

  Mabinogion 14:38 23 Jan 2007

Thanks for your advice but as it is now when I use my mobile, transferring stuff onto the pc I go through the Samsung Pc Studio software and cable from mobile to pc and it comes up on the screen as 'mobile explorer' and I can transfer either way from pc to phone and phone to pc etc but how would I do this with a dongle and bluetooth ~ would I still need the cable for the phone or would it just transfer through the bluetooth?

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