Bluetooth Dongle !

  Giantsquid 19:02 07 Apr 2005

Hi everyone,

Is it right that to communicate between my pc and Mobile phone I need to buy a Dongle ! and if so what does this little device actually offer me because I have a high end phone and some of the stuff I would like on it are 'trapped' inside my computer, say I want a snazzy song or an image will the Dongle allow me to download it to my Phone ? not too keen on paying for polphonic stuff as I've been told that hackers can get to you easily ?

Sharp GX30.

many thanks,

  Daz35 19:12 07 Apr 2005

I've got a bluetooth mouse that acts as a dongle, and as long as you've got some software to do it and your phone is bluetooth, it shouldn't be a problem.

I have a Nokia, and I can easily transfer Mp3s to it, rather than download those rather pathetic polyphonic tones.

  LAP 19:20 07 Apr 2005

First is your phone a GX30 or a GX30i? Because from what I read the GX30 is only blooth compatible with the ear piece.

  LAP 19:23 07 Apr 2005

Perhaps I've got that wrong but any.....

I have a GX30i and purchased a dongle from click here. This allows me to download freebie tunes/phones rings. You can also take pictures with your phone download to your computer and visa virsa.

  Giantsquid 21:12 07 Apr 2005

GX30i the one that had the mod done.

The Dongles (think I've seen too many Yorkshire soaps) can be bought from loads of places, I guess you got the 16:95 one ? now then is one dongle better than the other so to speak, has it to be a special dongle ? or are all dongles the same as the actress said to the bishop ?

Some are £7:99, others are 15 quid whay pay more than you have to, then again is there a dongle site out there ?

thanks to all,

  Technotiger 21:25 07 Apr 2005

Hi, I have recently purchased a InfraRed dongle
to use with my Nokia 8910 which has InfraRed, with the Nokia Software it works a treat, very easy to use - I guess Bluetooth is much the same.


  Giantsquid 22:44 07 Apr 2005

Oh no don't confuse me know ! now i'm looking in my GX30i manual to see if mine has Infrared and yes you've guessed it it has, so where do I go from here, Bluetooth or Infrared lol !

thanks for the input,

  Technotiger 22:55 07 Apr 2005

Hi, I have not used Bluetooth - but I do know that my InfraRed is excellent.


  Technotiger 22:57 07 Apr 2005

ps - you can buy a dongle infrared or bluetooth at any half-decent pc shop, for not many £'s.

Cheers again.

  g0slp 08:46 08 Apr 2005

If you use Infrared you have to have the phone & PC's IR ports aligned fairly carefully; with Bluetooth you don't, as it's a radio link as opposed to 'line of sight'.

Both will do what you want, Giantsquid.

(Apologies for stating the obvious to more experienced folk on here!)


  Giantsquid 09:15 08 Apr 2005

Many thanks for that, after a little deliberation I have gone down the Bluetooth route, also you need not apologise to anyone meaning of course the more computer literate on this Forum as it was me who needed the help, not them.

Technology moves very quickly in this business, an example being Bluetooth devices, when they hit the consumer a few years back could they do what they can do now....probably not, so I only ask because the more 'hands on' in this forum will point me in the right direction which is exactly what I want,this allows me to purchase the most up to date devices and of course allows me to shop around and ultimately save money, this Forum is a godsend to so many people who don't or cannot keep tabs on the latest computer goods and issues, Thanks again,

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