Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

  adamjk 21:50 12 Dec 2013

I recently purchased an ASUS USB-BT400 Bluetooth Dongle (Device ID= 0B05 if that helps) to use with my Sony Vaio (VPCCW1Z4E) which runs Windows 7 x64.

I can pair the laptop with my Samsung Galaxy S4 but I have problems when getting it to work with my new wireless speaker - Loewe Speaker 2go.

The speaker does pair with the laptop but once the pairing connection is made, no drivers are downloaded (which usually happens when I pair a new device) and I am then unable to connect the two devices via Bluetooth.

In the speaker manual, the following Bluetooth protocols are listed: A2DP, 2.1+EDR, AVRCP 1.4, HS, HFP 1.6 (Wideband Speech), aptX decoder, AEC

I think the dongle uses Broadcom's technology, so I've tried updating the drivers through Broadcom's software that is available on their website but the process fails each time I try and use it. The device is detected but I get a message saying 'Failed to Update the Bluetooth software' when I get to the 'Validate Bluetooth Device' stage.

I was wondering if anyone might know a particular driver version I might be able to download or anything that I might be able to use to solve this problem.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thanks, Adam

  adamjk 23:21 12 Dec 2013

Yeah, I had a look on the ASUS website for any drivers that were on there and that was the same one I found and installed from there. I've tried to update the drivers through Device Manager as well but that just tells me they're already up to date, even when they're not.

  adamjk 04:49 13 Dec 2013

Thanks for getting back to me again. Nope there isn't anything in the Playback section.

The problem I'm having is that while the laptop can discover the wireless speaker and pair with it, it can't connect to the speaker and doesn't download the necessary drivers once they've been paired for the it to work.

When I pair a device with the laptop, usually I can access it from my Bluetooth Devices page which opens a new window with a button that says 'Connect' allowing me to connect the two devices. When I pair the wireless speaker, I can still access that page but there is no button that says 'Connect' for me to click.

On the Bluetooth 'Add a Device' page I can right-click on the Speaker 2go icon and select 'Properties' which brings up the 'Services' tab. This shows six items (Audio Sink, Handsfree Telephony, Headset, Remote Control, Remotely Controllable Device and Serial Port (SPP)) which have boxes that can be ticked next to them. I'm pretty sure these are the items that are supposed to be installed when I pair the devices but for some reason it's not doing it. I've tried checking the boxes and then clicking 'Apply' to manually download them but that brings up a 'Bluetooth Service Error' message saying 'The parameter is incorrect'.

  sunder6pc 16:46 13 Dec 2013

Pleased I'm not alone. Have exactly the same problem as adamjk. Using Windows 7 on laptop, Belkin USB 4 adapter F8T065. Speaker 2Go appears to be paired but won't connect, no "Connect" button in Bluetooth control panel.

  adamjk 18:37 13 Dec 2013

Yeah reading around the net, it seems that quite a lot of people have had problems with connecting their devices using Bluetooth on Windows 7 for about the past 4 years. Some people seem to have had success in the past - mainly those with HP products who have downloaded drivers from the HP support page.

I just can't seem to find a solution that actually works anywhere and it's really frustrating!

  adamjk 15:22 16 Dec 2013

An update for anyone who is interested (and sunder6pc) if you're still reading.

I contacted Loewe, who make the speaker I am trying to connect, and they told me that the speaker is not compatible with Windows 7 or 8. A 3rd party adapter may, however, possibly allow the two devices to connect but Loewe are unable to advise on any specific options.

I think this ends my attempts to get this feature working. I really can't be bothered buying and trying multiple products, so unless I come across a product on the net which explicitly says it works with the speaker, I'll just have to stick with the AUX cable.

  adamjk 18:18 16 Dec 2013

Ok, scrap that previous post, I've somehow managed to work out how to get it working after trying for a week. Decided to give it one more try and actually found a solution!

First you need to download the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack that applies to your system from the list at the top here: click here to device manager and find your Bluetooth device in Device Manager. Double click on it and go to Hardware IDs in the drop down menu of the Details tab. Note down the 'VID????&PID????' details - the question marks actually will be letters and numbers specific to your device.

You need to uninstall all Bluetooth drivers and software on your computer. Restart your computer with your Bluetooth device unplugged and then try and install the Toshiba software. You'll be asked to plug in your Bluetooth device. Once you do that and click OK, if the Toshiba stack downloads without a hitch then you should find that the speaker works using the Toshiba software

If after you plug in the Bluetooth dongle, you find that the 'plug in your Bluetooth device' keeps popping up again, then keep that installation window open and follow the instructions on this page from number 4. onwards: click here Bluetooth device should then be recognised and the installation process will be completed. When you restart your computer you should find that the speaker connects to your laptop using the Toshiba software.

The only downside is that the sound quality seems to suffer quite a bit using this method, especially at the higher sound levels. I've had very little if any distortion in sound when using this with my phone at high volume and there is quite a noticeable difference when running it through this Toshiba software.

Go The

  sunder6pc 10:41 17 Dec 2013

Pleased to see that adamjk has got this working, albeit via a tortuous route and with reduced quality.

Although the Loewe booklet specifies a list of Bluetooth protocols in the technical data page, the section on linking the audio source via Bluetooth (p24) specifically says that the audio source must support A2DP. So as I use a Belkin adapter and adamjk is using ASUS, the common factor in it not working with a laptop as the audio source is Windows 7/8. This is quite a surprise – but saves me searching (in vain to date) for new software for the Belkin adaptor.

Thank you adamjk for your efforts and posting here. I will constrain myself to using the Speaker 2go with my Galaxy S2 – no problems and a great sound.

  adamjk 13:50 17 Dec 2013

I found a fix for the sound now, it was set to low quality in the bluetooth settings. Switched it to high and the audio is massively improved and sounding like it should.

It is a bit of a pain to do it this way though!

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