Bluetooth connection problem. Phone to PC

  gazmix 12:48 20 Apr 2007

I bought a Bluetooth Dongle.
I installed the disk & went through the setup procedure & inserted the dongle & restarted the pc as prompted.

I now have the 'Blue manager' icon on my desktop.
I double click on it & i get the option "launch blue manager" or "setup headset".

I click on "launch blue manager", enanble the bluetooth on my phone & they can't seem to find each other.
What am i doing wrong. I've had this issue before with same dongle. I'm trying to send pics from my phone to the pc!
Help please!!


  gazmix 14:01 20 Apr 2007

This doesn't seem to exist I have the Blue manager 3.3 in my taskbar.
Blue manager icon on desktop.
When i go to start/programmes/XTNDBluemanager & it says:-

when i click on the icon on my desktop i get a small box saying "Blue manager for skype" & Set up headset or launch blue manager. When i launch blue manager i get a box with an icon saying 'no device found', although my phones bluetooth is on & visible.
Maybe it's something to do with the settings.!!


  gazmix 17:11 20 Apr 2007

anyone!! i expect its something simple i'm missing!

  Technotiger 17:17 20 Apr 2007

Hi, in addition to the bluetooth I would have thought that you also needed the software for your Phone.

An easier way to transfer pics phone to pc is by card-reader, assuming you have pics on card in phone.

  gazmix 17:24 20 Apr 2007

Hi Technotiger

So i need software on my phone!! It's not like linking 2 phones via bluetooth?

In the past i have matched them up, i.e. phone finds pc & vica versa. But never managed to transfer!

I have no card in my phone, just the SIM, no memory card. I'm just wanting to transfer from my files as i'm having phone repared next week & if they do a software upgrade, it will wipe the phone!

  Border View 17:29 20 Apr 2007

Is there not a part on your phone under connections entitled Bluetooth which you click on. Thats what I have to do and they talk to each other. When they have found each other you click on the blue tooth icon on your desk top and get a menu which list transfer files, receive files etc.

  Technotiger 17:32 20 Apr 2007

No, you don't need software on your phone - you need phone software on you PC. You can then transfer pics via bluetooth from phone to pc using the phone software on your pc.

I can't tell you how, because if I remember correctly you have a different phone to mine (I have Nokia, with Nokia software on my pc).

  gazmix 17:33 20 Apr 2007

So i should install software, restart & then insert dongle?

During installation, it said 'dongle not present', so maybe i was thinking i should have installed it before installation?

  gazmix 17:34 20 Apr 2007

I have the disk software that came with the dongle!

  gazmix 17:38 20 Apr 2007

Barmoor, yes i have gone to Bluetooth on phone, turned it on & they have been looking for each other, but 'no device foun' by either party.

  gazmix 17:39 20 Apr 2007

ok, so maybe better to uninstall & then reinstall, restart & insert dongle!
The Dongle seems to be well illuminated around back of pc.

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