Cav1 15:41 21 Aug 2007

I have bluetooth pre installed on my computer,I have used it to download pictures from my mobile phone, haven't used it for a while now find I'm not connected, I am sure that I had some software to start it would that be right?

  Seth Haniel 16:11 21 Aug 2007

and get it to search for my devices ??

  Technotiger 17:02 21 Aug 2007

Yes, I did not use my bluetooth for a while, then when I did want to I had to re-install the bluetooth software, then it worked ok. (XP)

  Clapton is God 17:37 21 Aug 2007

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  Cav1 23:49 21 Aug 2007

Thank you Technotiger I have mislaid my software I had thought about doing that, so has anyone got any idea how I can resolve this prob and Seth thank you also but I wouldn't know how to enable bluetooth on my phone

  [email protected] 00:03 22 Aug 2007

normally your phone supplier provides a software cd ,ie nokia supply a software suite,this can also be downloaded from their website.
To enable bluetooth on your phone try settings>connectivity or something like that,you turn the bluetooth on or off.

  Technotiger 07:59 22 Aug 2007

Anyway, very much simpler to connect phone to pc via USB. Although I have bluetooth, I have found USB quicker when transferring photos to pc. Also more secure - anyone nearby with bluetooth item can 'see' your pc/phone. My next-door neighbour told me he 'saw' mine on his mobile.
*THE RAVEN* is correct about the connectivity being in Settings on your phone to turn bluetooth on/off.

  Cav1 11:37 23 Aug 2007

Have tried to connect using my phone, the name of my phone 'motorola' apears on screen but it wont connect when I try to transfer files, I think I will have to try and get the cd like you say from the supplier I use USB connection. it used to be great no probs. can not understand what has gone wrong. Joys of computers!

  lisa02 11:58 23 Aug 2007

Is there a bluetooth icon in the system tray or control panel?

You have to set the computer to 'visible' and set it to 'receive a file' before transferring from a mobile to computer.

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