poprob 13:23 01 Jul 2005

Sorry for bringing this up,I have spent ages reading past postings and havn't got anywhere.My wife knew I needed something to download my camera to and a friend suggested a usb adapter she has bought a Bluetooth usb adapteris this the same as a memory stick?
Thanks for any help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:53 01 Jul 2005

No it is not a memory stick.

the bluetooth apator will allow bluetooth enabled devices to connect to your pc. I doubt if your camera is bluetoothed, but your mobile phone maybe.

Did the camera come with a USB cable and a CD with divers?

If so plug in to the camera into a USB port and switch on XP will recognise the camera as another hardrive and you can use explorer todrag and drop files from the camera to the hardrive.

model of PC and operating system, model of camera?

  poprob 13:59 01 Jul 2005

Thanks for that Fruit Bat I'll now get her to change it,thanks again

  smy13 14:03 01 Jul 2005

A blue tooth Adapter (dongle) is only of use If your camera has a Bluetooth transmittal capability. A USB adaptor for downloading from a camera is usually a cable that attaches to your Camera and to a USB port on your PC (I believe this is faster than using Bluetooth) If your camera writes to one of the many forms of memory card/sticks then what you need a USB Media card reader such as the one on this link, this reads 7 different type of card and Asda sell it for around a tenner
click here
The only other thing to bear in mind is if you are trying to download video for later play back on DVD you’ll need another type of connection called a Firewire or in Sony's case an i-link cable

Hope this helps

  poprob 19:18 03 Jul 2005

Thank you smy 13 I'm on the right track now

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