bluetooth ?

  Magik ®© 10:05 10 Jan 2005

hi, my laptop has got bluetooth, and i am on the market for a new mobile phone, some have got bluetooth, I have looked it up to see what it all means, must be the lack of brain cells :-)cos i can not get my head around it...

in it's very basic form, can some bright spark tell me what it is for....

thank you............

  Taff36 10:17 10 Jan 2005

Try this click here Explains it pretty well. I`ve used it with Nokia phones for over 2 years in preference to infra red or cable connections. When driving your mobile can stay on your seat and a bluetooth earpiece sits behind your ear. (Looks like a slug but seems to work)

  Magik ®© 10:19 10 Jan 2005

nice one, thanks for that....looks like we have to have one.......

  dan11 10:20 10 Jan 2005

It is a way for the computer to talk to the phone and vise versa. The signal is transfered by radio waves so no physical connection is needed. It's a bit like Infrared but the devices do not have to physically see each other.i.e. eyeball to eyeball.

Like Ir, the bluetooth transfer rate is slow, about 1Mb\s. So it is usually used for small files.

You can then transfer files, pictures, addresses etc form the phone to the computer and from the computer to the phone.

  Magik ®© 10:51 10 Jan 2005

looks like this will now eat away at the brain till we get seems everyone has got one except me........

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