Bluescreen Problem can someone HELP me out

  jesh 18:46 17 Oct 2015

Good day everyone,

While playing games on my PC is restarts automatically,ive been playing FIFA 2013,Tomb radier, max payne 3 and resident evil 6 and it is the same problem with all these games.Anyone could please help me out.Thank you ^^'

  rdave13 18:56 17 Oct 2015

Could be overheating. Disconnect the PC from the mains and open the case. Use a new artist's brush (small) and gently sweep between the CPU's cooler fins while holding a vacuum cleaner nozzle nearby. Not too close mind and do the same with your GPU fan and any other dust settled on your circuit boards and case. Just take your time and try not to spin any fans with the vac's nozzle. See if it helps.

  jesh 19:03 17 Oct 2015

But it happens only when i play games.. And i have a core i5 4460 its new

  rdave13 19:50 17 Oct 2015

Either a driver or overheating. Bluescreen viewer should help identify the problem.

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