Bluescreen error when playing certain games.

  Swifty101 21:55 02 Nov 2014

Hi my name is Nathan, i usualy play lots of games on my PC. but at least 3 times everyday i get many bluescreen errors that make the games basicaly unplayable. I gan email or send the DMP files to a Pro who could solve this puzzle. I have looked at them myslef but they dont make much sence. Help wold be appriceated. Nathan

  wee eddie 22:13 02 Nov 2014

When did you last clean the dust out of the inside of your PC?

  Swifty101 22:15 02 Nov 2014

I dont know if you're serious or just stupid.

  Swifty101 22:19 02 Nov 2014

Its been cleaned evey month

  lotvic 23:05 02 Nov 2014


Dust and fluff build up is a major cause of overheating that then causes bluescreens.

You're the one who didn't know that. Don't call us stupid.

  SparkyJack 08:31 03 Nov 2014


We are here to help,some like myself have been building and fixing for more years then you have been alive.(30+) Stupid we are not.

Now your question.

Overheating is an issue if high intensity graphics is in use such as games.

Thus a periodic clean of dust build up around main fans and processor fan and cooling fins.

Another likely cause,depending on the game isnthe computer iitself.

Like as not the machine is simply not up to games,fit only for homework.

So get on and do some. And learn some good manners.

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