Blue screens - can't use laptop

  potato5525 23:10 22 Mar 2013

Hello, I am unable to get onto my laptop, here's what happens: I turn on the computer, it either flashes up a blue screen then restarts or (more common) it gets to the welcome screen then blue screens, giving no specific error. Prior to getting the blue screens: I installed a bios update and Bluetooth driver from the dell website, these drivers were DEFINITELY for my laptop. After installing the bios update it started fine, I used it for about an hour or more then turned it off, no problems. I then turned it on again, was on it for about 20 minutes, during which I connected a Bluetooth adapter to use a keyboard, which worked fine, then I turned it off again and turned it on about 10 minutes later. I was then on it for about 20 minutes (I disconnected the Bluetooth adapter about 5 or 10 minutes into using it), doing nothing abnormal, then it blue screened saying bad pool header.

I cannot run in safe mode, I have run startup repair several times, it makes no difference, although it sometimes ends with an error featuring lots of numbers and letters(see below). I cannot do a system restore, it says something(see below) cannot be read. I can't open the cmd through the startup repair thing, it returns a similar error to the other ones. The memory checking thing says there is a hardware error or something, it gives no specific details. I may have tried more, I cannot remember.

I feel the Bluetooth adapter is responsible for this, although it has been connected to another computer without problems.

The blue screen sometimes says Badpoolheader or memory_management.

Specs: Dell inspiron 2564 Windows 7 64bit Intel i3 something 4Gb RAM 250gb HDD(I think)

(See below) The error looks a bit like is (purely from memory): 8x6482hfei47 cannot read 0x003738

I really appreciate any help. Thanks.

  rdave13 23:29 22 Mar 2013

Remove all usb connected hardware. Remove the battery. Disconnect the transformer so no power is available. Press and hold the laptop's power button for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Connect the transformer only (no battery) and see if it boots up ok.

If ok then the bluetooth driver needs uninstalling. The generic one might be good enough.

  potato5525 23:52 22 Mar 2013

Thank you for your suggestion rdave, although it has not helped.

  potato5525 23:55 22 Mar 2013

I also forgot to mention that since doing a startup repair one time (which ended in an error), it has started to do the blue screen after the "starting windows" screen, opposed to the previously more frequent one after the welcome screen. I'm not sure if this is good or not.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 23 Mar 2013

Do the start up repair several times it ma take up to 5 times to cure the problem.

If still faulty after the 5 times then a restore may be in order or something more drastic like a HDD renewal (bad pool error normal relates to a bad HDD or bad connection to HDD)

  potato5525 19:53 23 Mar 2013

Thank you fruitbat, although the problem is fixed now. It turned out that one of the sticks of RAM was faulty. After removing it and doing a Dell factory image restore it now works. I lost the stuff on the OS partition of the HDD but kept the stuff on the other partition. At least it now works.

  rdave13 19:57 23 Mar 2013

Thanks for the feedback. Strange no error code on blue screen. Have you tried re-seating the ram again as it could be a bad connection? If it's duff try Crucial for a new pair of ram modules.

  potato5525 23:51 23 Mar 2013

I've tried putting the ram back in, it just makes it blue screen again. At the moment the computer seems to be running fine with 2gb of RAM, if I encounter any problems then I will get another 2gb though. Do you have any idea why the RAM is broken? Could it have been completely coincidental that it broke around the same time I connected the Bluetooth adapter and installed the drivers?

  rdave13 23:57 23 Mar 2013

Coincidence only. Bad ram module production and it happens with everything produced some times. You were just unlucky.

Try the Euro lottery now you've had one bad luck... :)

  potato5525 01:49 24 Mar 2013

I'll be able to buy some new RAM with all the money I win from the lottery. ;D

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