Blue Screen On win2K

  Office 15:57 28 Jun 2003

When I start using my computer after some time the computer freezes, then I have to restart it. Some times I get this blue screen with the following message:-

***STOP: 0X000000D1 (0XBFE8927E, 0,00000010, 0X00000000, 0,BFE8927E)

***Adress BFE8927E base at BFE63000, DateStamp 3c5a0651 - sisgrp.sys

***Adress BFE8927E base at BFE63000, DateStamp 3c5a0651 - sisgrp.sys

  Office 16:00 28 Jun 2003

I have to type and posted the message quickly before I get that blue screen again. Does anyone know whats the error about.

Im running windows 2000 Processor 2000xp, 512mb sdram, 1 x 60 gig & 1 x 80 gig harddrives.
Motherboard is K7S5A Pro click here for more information

  VoG II 16:05 28 Jun 2003

click here

Presumably it is sisgrp.sys that is causing the problem. This appears to be a graphics driver and you could try downloading a fresh version from click here

  Office 16:08 28 Jun 2003

Thanks Vog for you help. I've got a graphic card installed which is sis315 Phchips 64mb SDRam/TV-OUT

Could it be that there's some thing wrong with the graphic card. I usually get this screen When i'm copying files from one hard drvie to the other.

  VoG II 16:11 28 Jun 2003

I doubt that it is the card itself - more like the driver.

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