Blue screen, stacks, ini's, and Nero

  michelleuk 04:47 02 Mar 2003


As some of you will know I have been using Nero for my CD-RW work. I was having a problem regarding saving a CD onto my HD to produce numerous copies of the same CD. In the end, I believe I managed to do it, and in so doing has caused a few problems.

When I now switch my computer on I get the following message on a blue screen.

"Terminating thread due to a stack overflow problem. A VxD possibly recently installed has consumed too much stack space. Increase the setting of 'MinSP's in SYSTEM.INI' or remove recently installed VxD's. There are currently 7 SP's allocated"

After clicking any button the computer resumes normal functions. I have spent over 5hrs trying to find whether or not this problem is due to my inability to use Nero to get a copy onto the hard drive. Nero's history possibly states that I did as I did not use 'copy on the fly' mode for one CD. It was also the only one with media catalogue name:- ' ' (I assume I didn't correctly name it). It also said 'The image was written as DAO. Having used a number of words, date specifics, and Nero's history a few items came up.

I used " " plus other words etc, 4 items agreed with the dates;

_ins5576_mp in C:\windows\temp\_STMP6.DIR and also _wut195.dll

If I were to delete these would it cause any problems? I don't know how to follow the blue screen instructions, so if someone can provide an instruction guide it would help. Just in case it is relevant, we do not get the blue screen and message every time we switch the computer on. The CD copying was done a few days ago (23rd), that is the only thing I have added (and I am trying to find it to delete it). I have deleted a few programmes that I no longer used namely voice express advanced.

I did have a virus [email protected] which Norton quarantined and deleted. I also had to reinstall money 99 because a .dll was missing. I'm guessing I went potty and deleted a shared programme I shouldn't have.

Any help in with instructions for the blue screen, would be useful. I am taking a look to see what VxD's and .dll's stand for, but if anyone has a list of abbreviations and their role it would be great - that way I hopefully won't delete something I should keep! Plus would it cause me any further computer problems if I deleted the 4 items I found?

Thank you - I do hope this makes sense as its 4.30am and I should be in bed! And not trying to mend the computer!!!

Thanks, Take Care
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  AndySD 04:54 02 Mar 2003

STMP6.DIR is in the windows temporary folder so you can delete that. The .dll is a dynamic Link Library and is best to leave alone for now I will look it up for you.

  AndySD 04:56 02 Mar 2003

VXD= Ms Windows virtual device driver, 32 bit

will look that one up too... what is your operating system?

  AndySD 04:59 02 Mar 2003

click here for the blue screen

  AndySD 05:06 02 Mar 2003

_ins5576_mp is the Adobe Acrobat 5.0 installer... and as above its in the temp folder and can be deleted

  AndySD 05:08 02 Mar 2003

It may be a good idea to go Start/Run and type in


and in the startup tab untick Acrobat.

  michelleuk 00:31 06 Mar 2003


I'm sorry for the delay in responding, I have been ill and haven't been online for 2 days. I did get your first message and then I was disconeccted and couldn't log on again.

I have visited the site you mentioned and it does clear things up, but as I use Acrobat I don't really want to delete it as I would have to purchase it again, or is it a freebe?

Thank you again for responding and I'm sorry for not responding as quick as yourself.

My OS is win98

Take Care

  temp003 01:45 06 Mar 2003

Acrobat Reader has a habit of leaving these temporary installation files in the Temp folder. Your Acrobat Reader should have been installed by now (just try opening Acrobat Reader). It is safe to delete those files in the Temp folder as suggested by AndySD. They're just left-overs from the installation. The program does not need to run from the Temp folder. Technically, a good installation package should be able to remove these temp files after the installation is successful, but not everything works like that, including some MS Office updates).

You're right, it's freely downloadable. If ever you need to reinstall it, you can download it. The latest version is 5.1 I think (Remember always to uninstall an old version of Acrobat Reader first).

As to the stack overflow problem, have you tried AndySD's solution? It seems to have worked for a number of people from what I can read on the internet.

For the original MS article, click here

Just run sysedit, select system.ini, and add the line MinSP=n and save and exit, restart,

where n is a multiple of 4.

MS suggests starting with 4, but I suspect you may have to start with 8. Restart, if the error message still appears, change it to 8 (and if necessary to 12).

  michelleuk 01:36 07 Mar 2003


At present I have NOT done anything other than look and read the website identified and cut and pasted the responses for fuuture reference. Basically because ever since I mentioned the problem I haven't had the error pop up and my hubby who has been on the computer more than I recently, hasn't told me it has appeared again.

I shall be doing as suggested should the problem arise again.

Thank you


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