Blue Screen shutdowns

  stonerose 12:59 25 Sep 2004


This is a response I've started getting increasingly. The PC shuts down and reboots or now doesn't even get that far.

It gives this.
***STOP:0x0000000A (0x88550394, 0x00000007, 0x00000000, 0x805329DD)

A friend of mine used to use partition magic with WIN 98 on my PC to run Boot Magic so I could run seperate installations of drivers (for a sound card). However, we fell out and I did a reinstall with little knowledge after everything stopped working.
Now I have a better sound card that doesn't require seperate drivers, so I just have a single instalation, but I dont think I've ever got rid of this relic, despite trying as I no longer boot with bootmagic. 1 thing I notice is that my 60Gig HD is only ever recognised as 55 and my 120Gig HD is about the same amount down. Could it be that there is a hidded load of win98/boot magic/partition magic/ghost files that I just want removed. I am a little bit scared to rumage around, is there a safe way I can start afresh, like re-installing everything and wiping my HD's clean (after saving all my music and word files of course)?
P.S. I have XP pro, office 2003 and run Cubase SX2 for music. Also, the primary HD, the 60Gig, is NFTS and the 120Gig is FAT32, which I know little about.

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