Blue screen restart loop...

  Agoni1605 18:00 22 Jun 2017

Hi I am stucked at the blue screen restart loop. I just installed the new version of Windows 10 Xenon and then I removed some programms I manually installed earlier. I have to mention that sometimes when playing a game the driver just lost his actuality and I had to actualize it again. I tried entering in safe mode but that diednt work either. Them I downgraded from the boot menu back to my earlier version and have still the same problem but now I cant access the boot menu because of the windows defender offline (wdo).The just pops up and looks like it is checking something then the desktop restarts and the same from the beginning.

So I loaded UEFI defaults in Bios and still no change. Even with the recovery disc i had no chance. There are only three documents i want to rescue the rest ist saved in clouds. So is there a possibility to start this damn windows pc? Can I install ubuntu on it and access the documents? I appreciate any help.

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