blue screen on new laptop ?!?

  dkdanielkli 20:31 30 Jan 2013

Hello, I've purchased a Samsung ultra book about 6 months ago and It has been working great. The past month or two, every maybe 10th time I physically open the ultra book it gives me a blue screen for 3-5 seconds and then immidiatelly restarts. I'm a university student and a good example is when I close my laptop after one class and when I open it 10 minutes later for my next class it does that. Attached is some info about my ultra book. Please help (:

Info <---

  SillBill 20:39 30 Jan 2013

Are you shutting down normally or are you just putting the machine to sleep by closing the lid?

  dkdanielkli 20:40 30 Jan 2013

I physically close the lead. I don't turn it off or do anything else.

  SillBill 20:43 30 Jan 2013

That may be the reason, try shutting down before closing the lid to see if you still get Blue Screens.

  Newuser939 10:37 01 Feb 2013

My Samsung laptop behaved in just that way when I first had it. The problem was only cured when I went to the nVidia web site and downloaded an updated driver for the graphics card. I did wonder at the time whether Samsung had "personalised" the driver in some way which caused the problem. Anyway, I was getting the blue screen every few days, but have now not had one for several months.

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