Blue screen memory management issues!

  Tomtom1983 22:36 09 Aug 2018
Locked i have a pc. Cant even remember why i did it but i suspected a driver or drivers was out of date and wanted a quick fix solution. (That was my first mistake) So i downloaded a "fix all drivers" program and updated them all. Then not long later my pc started to crash the odd time and say "PC ran into a problem and needs to restart" Reason: Memory_management But once it got to 100% it wouldnt restart and i would have to switch it off and back on again. (long hold power button) Researching into it I found that it could be a driver config/corruption/etc problem. Then it really hit me that I hadnt saved a restore point before updating all the drivers! So long story short Ive tried: SFC Scanner, Memory Diagnostic Tool, disk check, uninstalling various software, virus scan, registry clean, and finally a clean install of windows. But still the problem arises! Usually "google" has the answer to most problems but this one im/he is stuck on! Any ideas??? Be much appreciated!

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