Blue screen ilegal operation in win98

  mammak 17:41 16 Apr 2004

Hi i hope it's possible for you to help as i havent much to go on,my partner's daughter has just tried to install AOL9 ON a machine that has above windows 20gb hard drive 32mb ram,
she got so far into the run then a blue screen came up with ilegal operation' on reboot she says there is only a normal beep it loads up as normal stops at this screen she assures me there are no more text on the screen, i ask her to go to safe mode and and try and rid anything to do with AOL but she says it wont work ? we are keeping in touch by text so it might be a long haul.Regards Mammak
ps. may i add she knows less than i about comps'
and know very little lol

  hugh-265156 17:59 16 Apr 2004

if they cannot get into safe mode its a reinstall methinks may be the easiest option.

  mammak 18:12 16 Apr 2004

Thanks huggyg71 i was thinking along those lines myself' but am not sure if she understands safe mode i will get back thanks for your response.

  hugh-265156 18:19 16 Apr 2004

does she live far from you mammak?

may be easier to pop over and have a look yourself than try and explain over text messages what to do.

you will end up pulling your hair out :-)

  hugh-265156 18:31 16 Apr 2004

well spotted madboy33©®

The minimum system requirements for installing AOL 9.0 on your PC are as follows:

Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows XP.
Processor: Pentium-class; minimum speed as recommended for your operating system (e.g. 266MHz or above for Windows XP)
RAM: 64 MB or above (128MB recommended).
Hard disk space: 128 MB or above
Screen resolution: 800x600 and 256 colours or greater
Connection: Any of the following: 28.8 Kbps modem or faster; Broadband (DSL or cable); ISDN; or TCP/IP (LAN connections)

  mammak 18:35 16 Apr 2004

huggyg71 lol no she dosent but lives with my partners ex wife however i phoned her mobile from the landline tut tut' and it seems safemode loads up s/f on each corner no start button' and the ilegal operation message on the screen so it not looking good eh.
madboy33©® yep i know i did say to her that she would need at least 63mb for AOL but alas she never listend.
Thanks again for your responses

  hugh-265156 18:44 16 Apr 2004

no start button?? oh dear :-(

what happens if she presses the windows key on the keyboard,does the start menu appear?

if so then try to get to add remove programs and uninstall aol. guess as i know nothing about win 98 but scanreg /restore command from dos may here

  mammak 20:50 16 Apr 2004

Thanks again huggyg71 i have phoned again (costing me a fortune this lol) with advice regarding windows key an to navigate to add/remove' to think its only on 2 years since i ran 98se i have forgetten all they layout (big win xp pro now dont know blue screens now me)
madboy33©® thanks to you also for your interest
but there doesnt seem to be a start button in safe mode hence huggyg71 advice regarding win key navigation to add/remove.thanks again to you both for your help i will keep you posted' but i think failing huggyg71 's advice it might mean a reinstall of windows. regards Mammak

  mammak 16:15 23 Apr 2004

Thanks to you all for your help on this'
sorry i took so long to get back'
but she has oppted for the local comp shop again'
thanks anyhow for all your help.
Regards Mammak.

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