meatlaff2 19:12 14 Oct 2003

Help needed please.
I'm trying to sort a neighbours comp. AMD K6 500 processor (Old board I think) 4 gig HD. Win ME. I can sometimes get into Win in safe mode. HD seems to be labouring and looking for something. The main thing I keep getting is Blue sreen error. Error- "06:0167:BFF73620 Press any key to continue" I press a key then another blue screen "Win protection error, You need to restart comp. System halted" I've tried Sys Restore, Ive tried using HELP on start up floppy. Mem (192mb) is ok, he's not on internet, Graphics ok. I've tried re installing Win ME. It just doesn't seem consistent. Works ok then doesn't.

  R4 19:42 14 Oct 2003

Could be the HD is on the blink, try running the manifacturers diagnostics like maxiblast for maxitor HD. You can download the one for his disk from the relevent manifacturese site:

Maxitor : click here

Seagate: click here

Weston Digital : click here

  The Spires 21:23 14 Oct 2003

Is CPU fan ok, the K6's can overheat quickly and cause such errors.

  meatlaff2 21:46 14 Oct 2003

Thanks R4, i think HD is on blink too.
Thanks Spires. fan is running ok, comp is not on long enough to overheat any way

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