Blue Screen-Error message?

  loaders 17:35 29 Mar 2005

Recently each time I download Microsoft Updates(Windows ME)When I go to restart I get a Blue Screen with the error message 06:0000:0000001B,even when I press ENTER or ANY KEY or CONTOL,ALT DELETE it returns to the Blue screen again with the same message.I have to switch off manually and when I switch on again although it carries out a Disc scan for errors I get the same blue screen.I have to starty up in safe mode and carry out a system restore.Everything starts up OK from there with the exception of ZONE ALARM when I get the message saying it has no validation,so I have to unistall it and reinstall.Is Zone alarm causing the blue screen problem,although I am loathe to shoulI switch it off before I carry out any Microsoft updates or do I have another problem.

  citadel 20:06 29 Mar 2005

a recent microsoft update has caused a lot of problems with windows me. I had to uninstall it as it stopped all access to web pages. the error messages I had all started with 06. The update is listed in add remove programs and starts with the letter k.

  loaders 20:41 01 Apr 2005

Thanks for your suggestion but that does not seem to be my problem,the only update shown in the add/remove isKB870669(data access components)which was downloaded in July 2004.
It appears to be related to one of the latest updates KB888113,KB891711,KB891781(all security)orKB867282(Internet Expl)orKB885492(media}After doing a system restore yet again yesterday back to10th Feb.(which was the last date i downloaded according to the installation history on the microsoft update page kb867282,kb891781and kb885492)i then downloaded the other two but when I switched on today I got the same blue screen and error message.After going through system restore yet again I go back to microsoft update and it shows that I need to download all of them. I suppose I could just ignore them but obviously they will show up every time.

  loaders 16:27 03 Apr 2005

Just to follow up after much chasing around various help sites it appears many people have had a similar problem which boils down to the microsoft update kb891711 which effects windows 98 and ME.The only advice at present is not to down load it.It seems strange that although Microsoft are apparently aware of the problem they have not sent out a fix.As some of the people on the sites say they are only interested in windows XP.

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