Blue Screen of Death

  lmb.trumpet 06:38 20 Nov 2008

Alright, short of smashing the daylights out of my laptop (microtel, windowsXP), I am dearly looking for a way to fix my computer. I tried starting windows, and it acted like it was going to start, then went to the blue screen stating something about "registry error"-it blanks out so fast that I can't read the entire thing. Then, when I try to start up in safe mode, it just restarts and goes back to the start up screen. I did find out that I can get into a page by hitting F2, Insyde Software SCU. I don't have any disks for the laptop, and I am at a total loss for what to do. I have too many photos of deployments on it to just give up on it. Please help! Any direction is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  lmb.trumpet 07:12 20 Nov 2008

I recorded the screen to finally figure out what it says:

Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failur}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or altertate.
It is corrupt, absent, or not writable.

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete.
Contact you system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.

So short of contacting those people, and that something is corrupt- what does it all mean?

  €dstowe 07:45 20 Nov 2008

Her's what MS says: click here it seems you cannot proceed without a Windows disk.

  Terminus90 12:19 20 Nov 2008

boot from your XP disk and repair your windows set-up

  Les28 13:34 20 Nov 2008

Forum members more experienced with recovery situations will probably be able to help better than me, but in the meantime could you give us a little more info regards pc make and model, also do you know if you have a factory restore partition on the hard drive as some laptops do and do you have XP's system restore running normally and does it make working restore points OK.

Can you access the bios to change the boot order from HDD first to CD ROM first, does the F2 key give you that boot option, you've tried F5, F8 or del keys at startup.

You may be able to download rc.iso and attempt a recovery console repair that way for people without a windows disk, have a read online about using rc.iso or recovery console to repair non booting pc.

click here

or download and boot from a distro like Knoppix V5.1 EN iso

click here

click here

and save your photos to cd, dvd or flash drive, in case you either have to do a factory restore if available or a repair or reinstall of XP from a borrowed XP disk.

  lmb.trumpet 01:04 21 Nov 2008

Apparently I have "have" a recovery- but then again, I'm not the one messing with it right now. I would rather be, but I'm not. I follow instruction, he doesn't... Can anyone point me to a link that I can burn a disk for it? The disk that he is using right now is "hiren's boot disk" off of limewire.
He started it from ntfs (I have no clue what that means), is there a way to recover it from there?

  lmb.trumpet 01:07 21 Nov 2008

*dont have a recovery, sorry.

  Les28 10:55 21 Nov 2008

If the data recovery doesn't work using a distro and assuming the hard drive isn't dead, maybe try a usb caddy and hook it up to a working pc and extract your data onto the working pc. I keep one of these in the drawer at home.

click here

but there's plenty of usb caddy enclosures out there for 2.5 inch drives, ebay's a good place to look and not that expensive.

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