Blue Screen of Death?

  Legslip 23:54 03 May 2005

My friend has asked me to look into a problem with his HP Pavillion 710 PC. Whenever he switches on it constantly boots into a different B S of D every time. I cant get it to boot into Safe Mode (same prob) or seem able to get into the BIOS (del key). When I switch on it also fails on the initial B & W screen to outline the system details. It is running XP hHome but he cannot find his XP disk although there is a Product Key label on the case.
Any ideas?

  woodchip 00:05 04 May 2005

You can use any XP cd if you use the key but it will need to be correct version home or Pro

  p;3 00:07 04 May 2005

personally , no:(

however, each BSOD gives an error message and number? if you can post those messages and error numbers on forum, someone more knowledgeable should be able to assist:)

  Legslip 00:17 04 May 2005

Thanks guys. p:3 there are so many different BS of D's appearing,allcontaining War & Peace that it would take me ages to write out the details. Trying to boot from XP Setup floppys but not having a lot of luck.

  Legslip 00:21 04 May 2005

As I cant get into the BIOS I cant force it to boot from the CD Rom with the XP disk in it.

  Legslip 01:05 04 May 2005

Now into the BIOS and set to boot from XPM CD ROM. Starts to load/setup then states that 'file ftdisk.sys' is corrupted.

  p;3 06:49 04 May 2005

for the day shift:)

more detail of hos OS and main programs would help; I think he is infected but could be drastically wrong:(

what AV did he have on there if any?

  Legslip 07:21 04 May 2005

Thanks p:3 but if it was a virus surely it would not block a clean re-install of XP? I'm thinking it may be a dodgy hard drive. I have got a spare one at the office. Will bring it home this evening and see if I can put XP on it.

  woodchip 10:46 04 May 2005

This looks like a Heat related Problem or Memory fault. I would first check that the CPU Fan is doing what it should do cool the CPU. Take the side of computer case get a Hair drier put on cool blow start computer and point drier at CPU. see if it boots

  Legslip 10:54 04 May 2005

Thanks Woodchip. Will try 2nite.

  Legslip 14:19 04 May 2005

Lunchtime, quickly tried another H disk but still no good. After trying to load XP after about 1 min BS o D comes up 'problem caused by following file ACPI.SYS' and also states PPAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

Any suggestions?

Not much left other than m-board & processor!

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