Blue screen of death!

  David G 10:55 10 Oct 2003

Having recently installed a Canon 3000F scanner and FineReader 5 Pro I am getting Fatal Error Exceptions regulalry. I have tried PcBugDoctor (with it's so-called guarantee of No More Fatal Errors) but no luck. The error caode is usually 0000:00000017. When this happens and I try to cancel the error page by "pressing any key" the screens goes blank and I have to reboot. I am running 98SE with plenty of RAM. Any ideas please?
Thanks Dave

  Gongoozler 11:00 10 Oct 2003

Hi Dave. You have plenty of RAM, do you perhaps have too much? Windows 98 doesn't like too much, and is said to benefit very little above 256M. Also, presumably your scanner is on a usb connection, do other usb equipments work ok on your computer? What motherboard do you have?

  graham√ 11:08 10 Oct 2003

Try uninstalling the scanner to prove. This link to Microsoft may get garbled, if so search for Windows 98 Error Messages.

click here;EN-US;w98errmsg

  David G 11:18 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for prompt replies. The main board is a Gigabyte 71XE, ram is 512mb. The scanner is on USB, all other USB devices OK.
Have uninstalled both scanner and Finereader but no difference. All other applications seem OK - including this Net connection via the USB. Dave

  JIM 11:27 10 Oct 2003

was typing this out as you were having other replies,but may still help you

You may have uninstalled your Canon 3000F scanner and software to try to resolve your problem.I would suggest that you do it again.

This time after the uninstall i would suggest you reboot and clean up your system of any scanner debri.Include a disk cleanup and scandisk,defrag.Run a SFC file check from run command to ensure all Win98 files are in place.

Run windows for a while opening and closing other programs, to check out that windows is running well with no BLUE SCREENS or other Fatal Error Exceptions.

If all is ok and before Reinstall of Canon 3000F software/drivers--------(software first before connecting scanner) close down all running programs including Antivirus/firewall,leaving explorer /systray.

Try Reinstall taking the option this time if poss not to include FineReader 5 Pro at this time. If all goes well you can re-introduce the other programs/FineReader 5 Pro from scanner software disk.

See how you do.

  AndySD 11:33 10 Oct 2003

Have you tried the canon site click here to see if there are any updated drivers. Also what is your printer?

  graham√ 11:36 10 Oct 2003

JIM, from what I saw on Microsoft, nothing specific, but a lot of references to scanners.

  JIM 12:00 10 Oct 2003

Agree there, and trying to put a direct finger on the problem may be a little difficult for us to solve.( Mind you we know all know that:) --)

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