Blue screen crash

  pgj 14:03 10 Mar 2008

I am using Windows XP Pro - My system is a new build only received it in early Feb 2008.

It has already had to be returned for a new Power supply which went with quite a bang after only 2 week.

In the last 2 days the system has started to crash. There seems to be no association with any particular application etc. I am running at that time. It has now crashed 6 times in the last 14 hours.

Each time I get the Standard blue screen with the STOP code oxoooooo4E oxooooooo2, oxooo2CFE2, 0x000DFEEF, 0X00000001.

I have report each crash using the Microsft error report system. At one stage they suggested it was a hardwear RAM problem but I have run their Memory Diagnostic application and all is reported as fine. (thanx to other herein members for their help with that one - click here). Ever other time Microsoft have said there is no information on the problem.

Any ideas? Can anyone help?

Many thanx.

  brundle 14:11 10 Mar 2008

More and longer memory test required; click here

Memtest click here

Leave it going for an hour or more, or at least until it reaches 100%

Look in event viewer for yellow or red warnings at times corresponding with the blue screens. Start menu/run, type


press return

  pgj 14:41 10 Mar 2008

Thanx for that.

But I need more help.

Finding the download page very confusing.

There seems to be hundreds of options for downloading this item -help!. Am I going for Download (Source Code)? Or Download (Pre-built & ISOs)?

Further is there a free unzipper available?

Many thanx

  pgj 20:27 10 Mar 2008

After finding and downloading zipgenius 6 click here I was able to open memtest and make a boot disc.

I ran the test for 2 passes 1hour 50mins and 5 red reports appeared. Not really sure what these mean. Tere were 3 test 4's and 2 test 6's. I have made a full written copy of this data. I have read memtest's online blurb but am really confused as to what to do next.


  pgj 11:08 11 Mar 2008

I have also run the Microsoft memory diagnostic tool again this morning. I left it running for a few hours while I went out - this still reported no problems.
However, I did note that before this application started to scan there was a message stating, that because there was more than 4GB of memory to check on my machine a complete check was not possible. I do only have 4GB of RAM though.

Really need help here folks as this is all going right over my head

  brundle 12:48 11 Mar 2008

I would consider returning the box or asking for replacement memory, I would trust Memtest's result of faulty memory.

  pgj 14:13 11 Mar 2008

Ok that's great but I see even Memtest say many memory manufacturers do not recognise there test.

I had this PC off Ecplise Computers Coventry (On P C Advisor's endorsement really)and their after sales service has already been a little poor I think. If they refuse to accept the memory test what do I do then - any idea?

To add to this it is obviously an intermittent fault as after 6 crashes in about 18 hours I have now not had one for 24 hours..

  brundle 21:48 11 Mar 2008

You might want to post detailing the situation in Consumer Watch, there are people on the forum who could advise you on that front much better than I can. I can only go from my experience of Memtest - right every time so far when I've suspected a PC has faulty memory - replacing the module(s) solved the problem. At any rate, the PC isn't working as it should - they can take it back and test it themselves if they don't accept the results of your tests.

  pgj 10:30 13 Mar 2008

I was about to contact Eclipse Computers Coventry about the Memtest results this morning but thought I would run the test again first.

This time after 2 passes (1hr 50mins) the test identified no problems.
I stopped the test and ran it for a further pass. Still no problems were identified.

I have now had no crash problems for 3 days.

How can this be? Is there any other explanation? Am I sitting on a time-bomb?

  bnorth 16:43 28 Mar 2008

have you had any luck diagnosing the crash problem with your PC ?
which Eclipse PC did you buy ?
I also am very unhappy with an Eclipse Computers PC I bought after reading a PC Advisor rave review unaware of the huge amount of negative web feedback on that company.

in fact there is another recent unhappy customer of Eclipse here just this week click here

  pgj 18:21 28 Mar 2008

No, no progress really. brundle has offered lots of help but nothing that has resolved the issue for me. I'm just not confident enough to return the machine to Eclipse Computers of Coventry as 1) the memory test when run again showed no problems and 2)I have little faith Eclipse Computers themselves - even if they were quick to take my £800.00.

Since I started this thread I have had a few more error code crashes relating to Ram memory and many other with different codes. In fact I did start a new thread click here But the help there has confused me further - I really am a novice here.

As for Eclipse I am as disappointed in PC advisor as it was because they recommended their machines that we trusted this company in the first place.

The machine we went for was a personally tweaked version of their 'Mirage' we upgraded the mother board, Ram and hard drive and downgraded the video card.

Thanks for the link it was educational

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